A Dialed In Program For Investors

Simple Profits is structured program, guiding you to create a 10 year financial plan that anyone can follow to build financial freedom for themselves, regardless of age.

It is rooted in foundational principles of starting small (but starting nonetheless) and learning how to setup a simple investment portfolio.

It then challenges us to look internally and discover what we are uniquely skilled at, and harness that skill to generate a secondary flow of investable income.

From there we look at scaling our investment strategy in an asset class that has made more millionaires on this planet than any other, real estate.

Once we master the art of wealth creation for ourselves, we are finally challenges to harness what we’ve learned for the benefit of others leveraging simple fund structures.

"Financial Freedom Is Nothing More Than A Choice To Begin."

Part 1: Open Your Accounts

The first part of our program is setting you up to build a portfolio that can earn a consistent and attractive annual return. To do so, we will start off by exploring the various asset classes and investment channels you have at your disposal.

By the end of the first section, you will want to have your high interest bank account, brokerage account, real estate and peer to peer lending accounts established.

Part 2: Tap Into The Market

The first asset class we will be exploring (outside your high-interest savings account) will be the stock market. In our initial approach we will look to explore market fundamentals & then build a portfolio of stocks.

As members in this course, you are also invited to participate in our investment club, which will help you screen and analyze your own investment strategy with peers in the community.

Part 3: Network Investing

Our next asset class to build a passive stream of income will be tapping into the power of the crowd. This new alternative investment class offers us the ability to leverage high yielding, short-term investments to drive yield into our portfolio.

We will be looking at three of these crowdfunding classes in this section: peer-to-peer loans, real estate, and startup investing.

Part 4: Start A Consultancy

Now that we have a grasp on how to build a passive investment portfolio, we are going to pivot our focus to driving new flows of active income to fuel our investments.

Regardless our age or stage in life, we all have some sort of skill that is uniquely marketable to us. Our goal in this section is to identify what ours (yours) is, and then turn it into income.

Part 5: Scale A Business

Having identified a skill that someone else is willing to pay you for, the challenge is now to productize that skill and turn it into a repeatable business. In doing so, you will be able to leverage tools that will allow you to scale your investable income stream beyond trading your time for money.

It is in scaling your business that you will be able to generate the necessary income to grow a meaningful investment portfolio.

Part 6: Invest In Real Estate

Leveraging our steady cashflow from our business, we will begin to make investments into the asset class that has made more millionaires than any other on earth, real estate.

With the ability to take on debt to purchase properties, we will be able to build an income producing real estate portfolio that will generate cashflow, have tenants pay down equity, and capitalize on appreciating property values over time.

Part 7: Launch A Fund

Now that you have a repeatable investment model that has been proven over time, share what you have created by setting up an investment vehicle that will allow you to invest on behalf of others.

Leveraging this structure, you will be able to scale the amount of capital you have under management, as well as, the amount of opportunities that will present themselves to you in the market.