Premium Advisory.

30 min free consultation, no obligation.

Fixed plan
$3.2k/moFixed payment - no surprises
Your private online advisory room
Fractional CFO services
Weekly or monthly bookkeeping
Quarterly financial planning & analysis
Structured approach to goals
Weekly advisory sessions
Simple Profits program access
Simple Profits Program
$2.5k + $10 moDiscounts Available With Any Shop Purchase

A great plan for anyone who prefers flexibility of a DIY program and is seeking the month-to-month support of an active community.

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Do you issue refunds?
We require a 3 month minimum contract, which is typically enough time to get a good sense of your business & analyze needs.
Can I quit any time?
After your initial 3 month agreement is completed, we will be on a month-to-month retained basis.
What payment methods do you accept?
We will process everything automatically via Stripe by way of credit card payment.
Does it matter where I am from?
We are a global firm with 4 offices, however, we provide 70% of our advisory services virtually on any given basis.
Does this guarantee me funding?
No, this is purely an advisory relationship where we will look at the critical KPIs of your business and advise you on how to grow profit and get fund raising ready.
How often will we be working together each month?
Actual phone time will vary between 1 – 4 hours per month, however, our team of analysts and advisors will typically spend an additional 4 – 6 hours per month independently working on your account.