About Us

Blue Collar Capital is a private investment firm that provides capital, advisory services and fund management services to the private market.

At our heart, Blue Collar Capital is an informal network of self-made investors with an interest and passion in building financial freedom.

Our goal is to demonstrate that anyone is capable of pursuing financial independence.

In the pursuit of our goal, we demonstrate basic foundational investment strategies, and then explore additional means of building passive income.

Anyone can follow along with the Blue Collar Capital story, from college students just starting off, career professionals ‘caught’ in their 9-5, or established accredited investors deep into their journey.

We are a registered investment advisor and offer our clients educational products, advisory services or managed investment options via our private funds.

At Blue Collar Capital, we take a hands-on approach to investing and commit operating and strategic resources to help drive revenue growth and operating efficiencies at each of our portfolio companies.  We take smart risks with capital investment and often pursue transformational add-on acquisitions.  The goal for each portfolio company is growth, enhanced market leadership and a significant increase in the strategic value of the business..

With access to a growing network of accredited investors, Blue Collar Capital is active in syndicating deals with a specific focus with opportunities that can leverage systems and processes to optimize cashflow.  We provide flexible capital and partner with talented management teams to propel companies to grow and achieve their full potential.

We do deals that make sense, and in the process follow the values of the triple bottom line.

That makes us proud to know we are not only growing our investors returns, but also the community.

As a new age investment firm, we are also very proud to deploy some of the most secure, cutting edge technology into every single aspect of our firms strategy and day-to-day forward thinking culture.